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    Cyber is still there

    When I started web development I was 12 years old. It was back in 2001, and we used HTML4 and basic CSS. The term cyber was a thing, but I never found it to be the proper term for what we are talking about: The internet, a virtual network platform for human beings. After all these years the term »cyber« is still a thing. It still sounds wrong to me personally. Whenever I read this word it …
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    Notes on self-hosting newsletters

    Since my subscriber list grew over two thousand people for WDRL I’m self-hosting my newsletter service instead of using a SaaS solution. But that also means a lot of work, too. Things you need to take care of when self-hosting: Choose the best newsletter software for the project Choose a service provider for actually sending the emails (e.g. AWS SES or SendGrid) Keep it up to date Choose a good …
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    Thanks for CSS-Tricks

    Today I read that CSS-Tricks is now part of Digital Ocean . So far, this great website was managed and built up by Chris Coyier, a nice fellow who just started this blog as a private project years ago and spent probably thousands of hours into community building and education. It’s probably the most complete learning resource for web developers out there, built up originally by just one nice …
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    Quick TailwindCSS Production Setup

    Here’s one more article on TailwindCSS. This time, I want to share my relatively easy setup for a fast and easy workplace. Install and set up TailwindCSS CLI We’re going to use a node.js stack and will use npm scripts for development. Hence, we start with adding our dependency: npm i --save-dev tailwindcss Now we need a command that processes our input files into a minified and optimised regular …
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    Film: How Farming Saved Me From Developer Burnout with Anselm Hannemann

    Last year, Ida from Honeypot came to my village twice and she made a film about my career choice and unusual paths of a developer turning into a gardener. It were great days and I’m happy I now have this piece to watch it again later in my life when I’m much older. This mini-documentary follows Anselm as he mixes development with being in nature. This is probably our most relaxing doc Honeypot …
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    Using Tailwind within CSS

    One thing that often gets neglected when discussing about Tailwind’s utility class approach is that it isn’t limited to that. You can use Tailwind’s directives and functions to make use of Tailwind’s presets inside your own CSS. That could go as far as writing completely your own class references and only using the styling inside your CSS file. The nice thing is that it integrates well, even from …
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    15 years a freelancer

    This year marks fifteen years of freelancing in my life. That’s 100% of my work life and nearly half the time I live on this world. Time to write something down. »When I was young, I challenged a lot and kickstarted my career. Of course I also failed often but combined with optimism and strategies how to succeed a project this enables my freelance business for now already fifteen years…« When I …
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    TailwindCSS Prototype Projects

    I’m a big fan of the paradigm “choose based on the current needs”, so when I had to prototype a recent client project on a tight budget, I made a choice that I found risky but was the best for this project: Using TailwindCSS . I know there’s quite a debate on whether TailwindCSS is cool or just a tool circumventing the technological benefits of HTML and CSS. Anyway, I chose it to be the preferred …
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    I may not understand, but I am with you. And while the original article I found this sentence may be a bit too religious for some, I think the content itself is very powerful for anyone of us. A heart of Mercy describes how we can transform other people’s lives and our own by being open-minded and trying to understand other people even if we disagree, by showing and telling mercy and empathy .
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    Thank you, Tweetbot!

    At this point I want to say “thank you” to the team from Tapbots who built Tweetbot (for Mac). Without the amazing feature to mute Tweets via Regular Expressions I wouldn’t have been able to open Twitter this year. Mute filters allow me to strip out all the things that put me into negative mood while discovering new links for WDRL . One could say this is personalised Social Media . …
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    How to feel gratitude as perfectionist

    Today I read an article on practicing gratitude . I read a couple of such articles already and I do irregular meditations on gratitude. Still I found this one incredibly on the point, especially as it’s focusing on people who are perfectionists. If the following sounds like you, read the full article: You might be thinking, “What exactly does this have to do with me?”. Well, chances are, if …
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    Translating content today

    Recently, I stumbled over a problem with modern online services that’s more and more common. While in the past, services focused on providing an English language service, today most of the services offer localised versions, too. However, there are only a few that provide solid translations and a real localised service, not only a GoogleTranslated one. In October, I decided to translate my own …
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    It’s time for a healthy tech approach

    Disclaimer: I wrote this piece two years ago and waited for it to be published somewhere else. It never happened and I forgot about it. Yet today I see the content as still relevant and will publish it as is. Some parts may be outdated but the overall argument should be still valid. As people working in tech, we face problems everywhere every day. Five years ago we struggled most with the new …
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    On WDRL/life in 2021

    I can’t neglect that this year, I didn’t spend much time on my beloved web development newsletter . Here are a few reasons for it… I now have a son who’s by now already 18 months old. He’s lovely and it feels so great to spend time with him and my whole family. When I work these days, I’m away from the family from early morning to late afternoon. No home office for me anymore during Summer. …
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    Free slots for a project during Winter

    I have some free slots left over Winter season to work on a small / mid-size website project. If you need advice or a whole website to be built, write me a mail and we’ll discuss it.
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    If it’s good for you and for other others—it stays.

    Nature can tell us a lot. It knows more than we ever can learn, it has more experience than we can have and it has strategies that we’ve lost in our imagination: Diversify as much as possible to ensure it works out long-term. Everyone gets their performance, everyone gets their chance. No one is asking what they did an hour or even a year ago. It doesn’t matter what they might do tomorrow or the …
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    Your »do better« website project

    Chances are high we don’t know each other yet if you’re reading this and it fits your needs. But that’s exactly what networking is thought for. I’m looking for small website projects to take on over the next few months. No long-term, no fulltime. I’d love to work with you if you have a project that tries to do make the world a little better. Your project might be about improving social lives …
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    On Work-Work Balance

    The last WDRL edition is already two months old now, and while I do have content in place for another edition the reason why I don’t send out another one currently is that I don’t have the time to fix my partially upgraded WDRL project. In January when PHP8 came out I decided to upgrade the WDRL project from Kirby 2 to Kirby 3. I knew it won’t be straight forward since I used a lot of custom code …
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    Another try for no Whatsapp

    So Whatsapp is updating its terms and privacy policy again. Interestingly enough, so far you can’t read that announcement outside of the app, e.g. in their official blog . And as they already tried a year ago or earlier, they now will share the data of Whatsapp with their mothership company Facebook Inc. So here I go in a try to delete Whatsapp. So far I have done it once successfully until I …
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    What about no Facebook?

    In my note on the try to delete Whatsapp you may wonder why not delete Facebook or Instagram? Simple, it’s necessary for my business. So yes, I have a Facebook account in order to create a Facebook page. I have an Instagram account (three in reality) to post and do marketing for my businesses. I grow and sell vegetables via my CSA and share photos of the story via Instagram . Yes, you can view …