Cyber is still there

When I started web development I was 12 years old. It was back in 2001, and we used HTML4 and basic CSS. The term cyber was a thing, but I never found it to be the proper term for what we are talking about: The internet, a virtual network platform for human beings.

After all these years the term »cyber« is still a thing. It still sounds wrong to me personally. Whenever I read this word it irritates me, and I have to smile. But politicians and hackers seem to love it.

When I was a teenie, I thought it won’t last long. I was wrong.

»Cyber«, »Rocket science«. We love these terms, no matter how appropriate they are.

Don’t get me wrong — I think people should use what they believe is the right words. It just tells me the lesson that my gut feeling is not everyone’s gut feeling.

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