New look for this site

Not 100% finished but now looks differently. Let me explain what is new and why I restructured and redesigned it.

As you can already see this site has gotten a new look yesterday. But not only a new look but a new technical basis and a new content strategy.

In the past I had a website showing what I do as developer. But I am much more than a developer and people want to know about it as well. In times where you know a lot of people virtually from Twitter or other social media networks, it’s even more interesting what people do besides their main profession. To show this, I spent a lot of time into how I could represent much more than development stuff on my personal website.

Four main sections

I now have four main sections, the first one being “About” which tells people more about me, mostly professionally but with some personal details as well. This is for people who want to hire me, who want me to write or speak for them. This is for people who want to be inspired by my career or how I live a life of responsibility.

The next section is dedicated to my development work and shows what I’ve been doing so far, who some of my clients are and what I do as (frontend) developer. This section will get more love soon so it’s easier and nicer to get an overview. So far it’s only a transfer of what I already had on the previous website.

An entirely new section is “Photography”, something mostly unknown to most people who know me from my professional life. I’ve been doing photography since over fifteen years now, with a variety of analogue and digital cameras, have even written my “high-school thesis” about portrait photography, did an exhibition with manually (at home in a small laboratory) developed black-and-white photographs and published a book about portrait photography. Since two years I decided to pick this hobby up again a bit more and now also offer photo shootings and sell licenses for my photographs to clients. If you’re interested, visit my photography page or contact me directly.

Lastly, my writings section now contains all written articles, notes and other content that previously was spread in various places. You can now easily decide what to read or read everything in one place. At the moment I’m not offering separate feeds yet (only the main feed) but this is already planned.

I’m sure there are a few bugs left and will continue working on this site again more frequently but hope you like the restructuring. —Anselm

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