Handover the best possible

Keep it at heart for every aspect of life and you’ll see that it makes a difference.

The ongoing Fridays For Future movement initiated by young climate activist Greta Thunberg shall serve as a wake-up call for all of us to collectively do our best to hand over our planet to the next generation in the best condition possible. —EWG LUT 100RE All Sectors Global Report 2019

That’s a quote I like and I can work with. What does it help to debate whether kids are right to not go to school to fight for the climate? What does it help if we question whether that’s right or wrong?

They have one big fear: They fear that their life (even here in the nice, rich Germany) will not be a good life when they’re older. Their fear is based on the current evidence they learned in school, they learned by reading books or newspapers.

Now parents, politicians and other ‘grown-ups’ want them to go to school so they learn something and can get a good job later in life. Why? To be able to live a livable life. What does it matter if there are no good jobs anymore or if there are good jobs but not a livable life as our environment makes us suffer and unhealthy or lets us die in tornados, tsunamis and other catastrophies?

Here’s some hope and action for everyone:

The most effective way to tackle climate change? Plant 1 trillion trees.

Also, if you have a garden, please stop using a lawn mower robot—they kill wildlife and bees. If you have a property, please stop using herbicides and chemical treatments to get rid of nature. This all contributes to preserving the world we currently have and had when we were children. They’re easy things to do but make a big impact.

It feels good to do good.

Let’s handover the best possible. The best environment for the next generation. The best work for the employees that take over work from you. Keep it at heart for every aspect of life and you’ll see that it makes a difference. To other people and to you. It feels good to do good.

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