Do something different, <a href="">join this Friday for Future</a>

When was the last time you felt that you can actually influence our society? This week you can try out how it can feel.

Climate change is real, there’s no doubt. We might have flimsy excuses to keep our lives convenient and don’t need to change anything, but the environment is changing, and it’s due to us humans.

Fridays for Future is a global movement, initiated and organised by young people out of school who are the ones who need to live in the world that is the result of the next ten years. And yet, most of them who are affected aren’t even allowed to vote in their country. That’s why they have only one request: Dear politicians, talk to scientists and realise that your voters and voters of the future urge you to do this and take real action. So it’s also up to us who can vote, who are creating this environment for upcoming (or even our own generation, I’m still just 29 at this time) support this movement.

This Friday, March 15th 2019, a global (peaceful) protest is planned and here’s a map of places where an event is happening. If you’ve never been part of a demonstration and feel not ready for it, why not just have a look at it from outside? It’s still worth watching it live.

banner promoting the global action taking place on March 15th around the world to raise awareness about global climate change and our need to act on it

To me this initiative feels powerful, seeing this map stuffed with events everywhere. When I saw it this morning, I decided to take 2 hours off work this Friday and participate in the event closest to my place. It’s the least I can do to protect the world I’m going to live in when I’m a bit older.

comic strip with a business people at a climate summit asking “What if it’s a big hoax and we’re creating a better world for nothing?”

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